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  THIS JUST IN October 2011  

A link found between stress and aggressive breast cancer

A study conducted by the University of Illinois in Chicago has found that women diagnosed with breast cancer with high stress levels, are 38% more likely to develop breast cancer that is aggressive and unresponsive to treatment.

Young adults are doing well in the health insurance battle

With shaky unemployment rates brought upon by the recession, many young adults worried that their healthcare coverage would also struggle. However, the Affordable Health Care Act has given young adults the ability to remain covered by their parents until their 26th birthdays. This has dropped the number of uninsured patients and made a significant impact on relieving the pressures on this age group to find jobs solely based on the need for health benefits.

Traditional dialysis treatment regimens may not be good enough

Since the early 1960s, dialysis treatment was conducted for patients 3 times a week. A new study has found this may not be enough. Several repercussions of two day break periods from dialysis treatments are much higher than any other time during treatment, and include heart attacks, death and hospitalization.

Attention DNP candidates and recent grads!

The Nurse Practitioner journal is now accepting scholarly clinical projects for our April 2012 special issue focusing on the DNP. The top 3 submissions will be published. Please address all inquiries to or submit your manuscript to Please include the words “DNP Submission” at the top of your manuscript, otherwise we will not be able to categorize your submission properly.


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Pharmacogenetics and the pharmacological management of depression
Roseanne R. Krauter, BS , RN, FNP, and Sarah S. Cook, DNP, RN-CS

Earn 2.5 Contact Hours

Understanding stress urinary incontinence
Kristy L. Keyock, MSN, ANP-BC, and Diane K. Newman, DNP, ANP-BC, FAAN

Earn 3.3 Contact Hours

What's new in child and adolescent immunizations?
Victoria Niederhauser, DrPH, APRN, PNP, and Dian Baker, PhD, APRN-BC, PNP

Dying to be thin: Identifying and managing eating disorders
Dawn Lee Garzon, PhD, CPNP-BC, FAANP, and Molly E. Figgemeier, MSN, CPNP

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