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I think the practical version is still better because recently in some app i check my blood pressure and it shows normal, i believe in that and i myself not feeling well . After that my family wants me to visit a doctor , then i came to know that i am suffering from low BP . I think HealthCare applications not works every time.
7/28/2016 12:25:54 AM

Cathy Weber
Another great subject relating to technology and healthcare. I have a friend that is a registered nurse and she is currently studying to become a Nurse Practitioner. She always complains about all of the studying she has to do and all fo the information she has to digest when she doesn't need really need to know the information on the job because it's always available at her fingertips. Are we creating a world where we depend on technology for 100% of our information and not use our brains?
7/25/2016 10:21:08 AM