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Nurses impact healthcare in many roles and across practice settings. Nurses consider the social determinants of health to provide holistic care, they strive to promote health equity, and from the bedside to the boardroom, the leadership of nurses impacts change.

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From the Desk of the Chief Nurse

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Igniting our Passion with a Spark

As we emerge from the holidays and start 2022, many of us look forward to a different kind of year than we’ve experienced over the past 2 years. Without a doubt 2020 and 2021 were perhaps the most challenging healthcare has experienced in decades. We have seen the best and worst in humanity due to COVID-19 and racial unrest. Yet, the nursing and healthcare professions have continued to show up, be present, and care for those in need in the face of fear, uncertainty, and sheer exhaustion. As I look to 2022, I wish for a new reality for our profession; a spark to reignite our passion so we remember why we became nurses in the first place and the courage to start changing our reality into one where we can thrive...Read more

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