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Nursing Made Incredibly Easy!

April 2013, Volume 11 Number 2 , p 54 - 54


  • Kristin Riegelmayer MSN, RN


A: As a nurse, it's important to keep your hospitalized patients safe and comfortable. Many facilities stress hourly rounds with the four "P's": pain, potty, positioning, and possessions. A quick additional visual survey of the patient and surroundings can help you assess the patient's situation and anticipate his or her needs. This can also help you become more confident with identifying and rectifying potential problems before they arise. Are you ready to leave the bedside? Ask yourself if it's time to SIT DOWN.S: Take a quick look at the side rails on the bed. Are they up or down as appropriate for this patient?I: If your patient has an I.V. running, glance at the bag to make sure the correct fluids are infusing. Also, look at the volume left in the bag. Make a note if you'll need to hang a new bag with your next rounds. Take a look at the pump to check that it's set at the correct rate. Is a secondary solution, or piggyback, hanging? If so, is it set up correctly, and when will the

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