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If you're looking for the results of safety tests on motor vehicles, check out, from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. With searchable results covering models from 1990 to 2005, this site gives you the results of crash tests and rollover ratings. You'll also find a list of current models with side air bags as well as tire safety ratings. Before you buy, visit this site to do your homework.


The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety also conducts a series of crash tests and publishes the results online at


After you check the results of the crash tests, look for these safety features, as recommended by Consumer Reports:


1. accident avoidance (braking and emergency handling, acceleration, visibility, driving position)


2. air bags (where installed in the vehicle and what type)


3. antilock brake system


4. rollover resistance


5. electronic stability control


6. safety belts (three-point lap-and-shoulder belts)


7. head restraints


8. child safety (easy attachment and good fit of safety seats, plus safe power-window switches).



Travel trivia

Which state has the most interstate mileage?


Ohio, California, Texas


Which state has the most interstate routes?


New York, California, Illinois


Travel trivia answer:

Texas has the most interstate mileage, with 3,232.04 miles that stretch across 17 routes. New York has the most interstate routes-28 of them that stretch 1,496.19 miles.