Recommended Nursing CE 

View our list of recommended nursing CE courses. Continuing education is the best way to stay current and remain eligible for recertification and promotion.

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End-of-Life Communication: Nurses Cocreating the Closing Composition With Patients and Families
Advances in Nursing Science, January/March 2018
Expires: 12/6/2019 CE:1 $12.95

Recognizing Delirium in Hospitalized Children: A Systematic Review of the Evidence on Risk Factors and Characteristics
AJN, American Journal of Nursing, April 2018
Expires: 3/6/2020 CE:1.5 $17.95

The science of addiction
Nursing Made Incredibly Easy!, May/June 2018
Expires: 3/6/2020 CE:1 $12.95

Understanding health policy to improve primary care management of obesity
The Nurse Practitioner, April 19, 2018
Expires: 3/6/2020 CE:1 $12.95

When Advocacy Extends Life: Age and Diagnosis Discrimination in Patients With Serious Illness
Journal of Hospice and Palliative Nursing, April 2018
Expires: 4/30/2020 CE:1 $12.95

Penile cancer: Providing patient support
Nursing2018, April 2018
Expires: 3/6/2020 CE:1 $12.95

Prelicensure Employment and Student Nurse Self-Efficacy
Journal for Nurses in Professional Development, March/April 2018
Expires: 3/5/2021 CE:1 $12.95

Prevalence and Correlates of Substance Use in Homeless Youth and Young Adults
Journal of Addictions Nursing, January/March 2018
Expires: 3/6/2020 CE:1.5 $17.95

Dry Eye Disease: Prevalence, Assessment, and Management
Home Healthcare Now, March/April 2018
Expires: 3/6/2020 CE:1.5 $17.95

Management of delirium across an integrated health system
Nursing Management, March 2018
Expires: 3/5/2021 CE:1 $12.95