adolescent development, adolescent health, community health nursing, community trials, HIV education, parenting education, sexual health



  1. Bennett, Jo Anne RN, CS, ACRN, PhD
  2. Contessa, Sylvia T. RN, MA
  3. Turner, Levonne C. RN, MA


A 2-year pilot program implemented by public health nurses (PHNs) in partnership with the leaders of parent associations of 10 urban high schools encouraged communication about health-promoting sexual behavior between adults and adolescents. The purpose was to assess the feasibility of involving parents in health promotion efforts in schools. During the first year, PHNs prepared a cohort of 17 parent trainers to make presentations to parent groups about the reality of teens' risk for human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) exposure, facts to counter myths about outcomes of sex education, and the skills teens need to implement healthy choices, including abstinence, correct condom use, and talking about sex with a potential sexual partner. Each parent trainer was then scheduled to make two presentations at parent association meetings. Criteria for assessing the impact of extending the program, including broader diffusion in the community, are proposed. This approach may be effective for community-based education about other health issues.