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in situ hybridization, molecular technology, polymerase chain reaction, viral myocarditis



  1. Micevski, Vaska RN, MScN, ACNP


The introduction of molecular technology to the field of cardiovascular research has revolutionized the diagnosis and determination of the pathogenesis of diseases. This has been the case for viral myocarditis. Although rapid identification and specific treatment for viral disorders such as myocarditis continue to challenge researchers, molecular detection techniques have provided an insight into the role of viral genomes in this disorder. Although in situ hybridization (ISH) continues to be an effective detection method and is utilized in many laboratories, polymerase chain reaction (PCR) techniques are fast becoming the standard for molecular analysis in patients with viral myocarditis. Following a review of viral myocarditis, the roles of ISH and PCR will be discussed. Lastly, clinical relevance and areas of future research will be presented.