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family, family-centered care, high-risk pregnancy



  1. Martin-Arafeh, Julie M. RNC, MSN
  2. Watson, Candace L. RN, BSN
  3. Baird, Suzanne McMurtry RN, MSN


Complications during pregnancy heralds a time of increased stress and anxiety for the obstetric patient and her family. Separation from family and home is a common stressor. Incorporating key elements of family-centered care into the policies of the obstetric units that support the health care team to include the family in the plan of care are crucial to family functioning during this difficult time. Assessment of the family and interventions to support family functioning can be structured using the Calgary Family Assessment Model and the Calgary Family Intervention Model. Models that emphasize the family assist the health care team to shift from a plan focused on the medical aspects of care to one that is incorporated to include the woman's family, the base of her support.