chronic venous insufficiencies, complete decongestive physiotherapy, edema, manual lymphatic drainage, older people, pain



  1. Bakar, Yesim PhD, PT
  2. Ozturk, Asuman MSc, PT
  3. Calisal, Mehmet Alper MD
  4. Erturk, Kivilcim MD
  5. Daglar, Bahadir MD


Introduction: Chronic venous insufficiency (CVI) is a major health problem that may adversely affect quality of life and may cause significant morbidity unless early diagnosis of the problem and the development and testing of new treatments are considered. In recent years, complete decongestive physiotherapy (CDP) has been preferred in the treatment of venous and lymphatic problems. This study presents the results of CDP on edema, pain, and daily activities of older people with CVI.


Methods: A total of 62 patients aged 59 to 68 years (mean 64.95 +/- 2.54 years) were treated for CVI with CDP (manual lymph drainage, skin care, compression, exercise). The following parameters were investigated: leg circumference, pain intensity, impact of the problem on daily activities, and distance of pain-free walking. The volume and circumference were measured at 9 levels (metatarsus, ankle, above ankle, mid calf, below knee, knee, above knee, mid thigh, top of thigh) on the lower limbs, before and after CDP, using a Leg-O-Meter.


Results: Limb volume, pain intensity, pain-free walking distance, and effects on activities of daily living improved significantly following the treatment (P < .01).


Conclusions: CDP can reduce the volume of CVI-related edema and reduce the pain caused by this condition in older people.