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Wand at the ready

Access Scientific has received FDA clearance for its PICC Wand, which enables clinicians to insert a peelable sheath for peripherally inserted central catheter (PICC) or midline catheter placement using the new accelerated Seldinger technique. The PICC Wand combines all components of the older modified Seldinger technique-the needle, guidewire, dilator, and sheath-into one device that also protects against accidental needle sticks, bleeding, contamination, guidewire embolism, and loss of cannulation. It also offers the fast-flash feature, which provides early detection of vessel entry.

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Baby's got a brand new bag

Professional Disposables International, Inc., introduces the Nice 'n Clean Baby Wipes 80-count Solo Soft Pak. The new soft-pak packaging replaces the tub packaging, offering clinicians easier dispensing while reducing waste. And the tissue box-type dispenser allows for single-handed use. Nice 'n Clean Baby Wipes are designed for extra comfort and strength, and include a hypoallergenic formula with aloe and vitamin E. Developed for use on a baby's soft and delicate skin, the wipes are available in both scented and unscented formulas in a variety of products.


A hospital gown with moxy

The DIgNI-tee by IV Wear is a patient-friendly alternative to the often embarrassing traditional hospital gown. Lined with plastic snaps down the sides and arms, without an opening or uncomfortable knots in the back, it provides easy access for healthcare professionals and all the coverage necessary for a patient to feel as comfortable as possible in a situation that can be anything but. The DIgNI-tee comes in a variety of colors in all standard sizes and is machine washable.

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