1. Clark, Deborah J. MSN, MBA, RN, C, CCRN


The representation of nurses and the discipline of nursing on the Internet is a growing and important contribution to the profession. Nursing students must be prepared for the impact technology will have on their careers. Nursing faculties can assist in the preparation of students for the role technology plays by creatively introducing computers and the Internet into the curriculum. An Internet web site was incorporated into an existing sophomore nursing course entitled "Nursing Issues: A Compendium." The course content defined the scope of the web site. The purpose of the web site was to provide a resource for further study and research into the professional issues facing nurses today. A web site evaluation tool assisted students in thinking critically about nursing resources available on the Internet. The students evaluated each web site they located for usefulness to nurses and nursing students. The benefits described by the students included learning how to use a computer, e-mail, and the Internet to locate professional information. The nursing students obtained a broader perspective of the profession.