1. Rittman, Maude PhD, RN
  2. Hinze, Maxine PhD, RN
  3. Citty, Sandra PhD, ARNP
  4. Chappell, Justina MSN, ARNP
  5. Anderson, Carla MSN, ARNP, CNL


The Veterans Health System (VHS) implemented a new program, the Veterans Affairs Nursing Academy, to promote partnerships between the VHS and schools of nursing to supplement faculty resources to educate more nurses and to increase recruitment of nurses in the VHS. The partnership at the University of Florida College of Nursing and the Malcolm Randall Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Gainesville, Florida, has been successful in increasing student enrollment, improving nursing care of veterans, and increasing recruitment of new graduate nurses. The partnership implemented a new model of clinical education called the embedded faculty model. The authors describe the embedded faculty model and the goals and outcomes of the partnership program.