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Simply Marvelous

The April-June 2010 JCN is simply marvelous. I devoured it, thinking it was saying what I've been thinking about (but at a much higher, more coordinated level!!) regarding my clinic volunteer work. I work at a nondenominational Christian clinic, but no one assesses spiritual health.


At a recent staff meeting I suggested that because this was a Christian clinic, we should add a question to the assessment form regarding spiritual concerns. Everyone was dumbstruck; positive discussion ensued. We're so squelched by the culture we live in, we barely dare talk about God among ourselves, much less with our patients.


I was planning a presentation on spiritual assessment/care, when my issue of JCN arrived in the mail, and the CE offering (Mind, Medications, & Mental Disorders) was saying everything I was attempting!!


Thanks for your encouragement in my work and networking!!


-Abigail Nobel, BSN, RN-BC


Dorr, MI


Right of Conscience

The timing of Colly Tettelbach's article, "Practice Against Our Beliefs" (April-June 2010, Vol. 27/2) could not be better because healthcare legislation is not just about insurance companies, finances, and access to healthcare.


If the 2008 Right of Conscience regulation is rescinded for healthcare workers, how will it affect faith-based healthcare organizations such as hospitals and pregnancy resource centers? Will Catholic hospitals have to provide their facilities to perform abortions?


Numerous physicians have stated they will leave the profession; no doubt nurses will do likewise. I count myself as one of them. What should we do? Get on our knees and pray for President Obama and Congress not to rescind this regulation. We also should contact our senators and representatives stating our concerns.


-Kathleen Wassenich, BSN, RN


Kettering, OH


Editor's Note: Recently passed healthcare legislation did preserve in a limited fashion conscience protections for healthcare professionals (HCPs) who do not want to participate in abortions, but did not preserve protections for other ethical challenges regularly faced by HCPs. Sadly, wording originally inserted to prevent discrimination in training for abortions, and language to prohibit governments from discriminating against healthcare entities that do not pay for, provide coverage of, or refer for abortions, was rejected in the final bill. Thus, the nondiscrimination language of the law applies only to discrimination under a health insurance plan covering abortion.


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2010 Westburg Symposium

Mark your calendar for the 24th Annual Westberg Symposium, "Thriving in a Changing World," September 17 to 19, 2010 at the Embassy Suites and Convention Center in St. Charles, Missouri. The symposium is organized by Deaconess Parish Nurse Ministries and the International Parish Nurse Resource Center. Learn more at


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