1. Nemacheck, Barbara BSN, RN, AEMT

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I read with interest the article "Revisiting IM Injections" (Think Again, February) and a subsequent related letter (Letters, May), because I'm receiving Faslodex injections for the treatment of metastatic breast cancer. Every nurse involved with this drug's administration has warned and sympathized with me about the pain caused by these two deep IM injections that are administered in the dorsogluteal site every month. It's been painful, both during the injection and for days afterward.


After reading the recent coverage of this topic in AJN, I shared the article with the chemotherapy staff and requested that they use the ventrogluteal site. They're now doing so and report that it makes the drug easier to administer. I don't have pain upon injection, nor do I have pain for days afterward. One of the nurses told me that the manufacturer hasn't tested the drug's administration at the ventrogluteal site. However, from personal experience, I'm convinced that it's the better option.


Barbara Nemacheck BSN, RN, AEMT


Gladstone, MI