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  1. Sokol-McKay, Debra A. MS, OTR, CDE, SCLV, CLVT, CVRT


As the prevalence of diabetes and concomitant vision loss increases, it becomes necessary to be aware of the issues that persons with vision loss confront in performing activities required to successfully self-manage their diabetes. This article describes vision loss, its assessment, and how to interact and work with persons with vision impairment. Information is provided on the functional impact of vision loss on diabetes education and self-management skills, the assessment of those skills, and general intervention methods. Practical and effective tools and techniques for improving blood glucose monitoring, insulin measurement, nutrition management, and other activities of daily living areas are provided. Diabetes educators, occupational therapists specializing in low vision, and vision rehabilitation therapists are professionals who through effective collaboration can provide the necessary expertise in adaptive diabetes self-management to persons with vision loss.