1. Name withheld by request, Houston

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I disagree that hospitals should ban smoking. Smoking cigarettes is a legal activity.


This is such a slippery slope. Although smoking is legal, it's not a healthy activity. And although it may decrease someone's productivity, so does obesity.


I'm employed by a large hospital in the Houston area that has implemented a smoke-free workplace. This includes not hiring people who smoke. I understand that hospitals want to be associated with health and wellness, but, as a social smoker who only smokes at home, I disagree with this new requirement and believe it constitutes profiling and discrimination.


Since when do employers monitor the use of legal drugs? Smoking is an addiction, comparable to alcoholism. Addiction is a behavioral disease that afflicts all types of people, including physicians, nurses, and even presidents. Next thing you know, employers will stop hiring obese individuals or those who have diabetes. What about people who have an occasional beer after work? Diabetes and obesity alone cost society and hospitals millions of dollars.


Policies like these are an infringement upon our liberties. Unfortunately, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission doesn't protect smokers.


We all have our vices. Just don't bring them to work.