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The following individuals served as JHPN reviewers from the period of August 2009 to August 2010. Their service provides valuable guidance to the authors and strengthens the journal and our evidence for practice of palliative care.


Joy Berger


Harleah Buck


Linda B. Cain


Margaret L. Campbell


Juliana C. Cartwright


Anita Catlin


Garrett Chan


Barbara Cliff


Inge B. Corless


Nessa Coyle


Patrick J. Coyne


Constance M. Dahlin


Susan Derby


Yvonne Eaves


Marian Grant


Barbara A. Head


Karen A. Kehl


Marijo Letizia


Susan Lysaght


Murray Mayo


Polly Mazanec


Mary Ann Meeker


Bridget Joyce Montana


Elizabeth Ford Pitorak


Linda B. Rahilly


Barbara Mary Raudonis


Brenda Recchia Jeffers


Lillian T. Schorr


Lynda Shand


Denice Sheehan


Marilyn Smith-Stoner


Linda K. Strodtman


Virginia Sun


Judith Webb


Phyllis Whitehead


Sarah A. Wilson


Patsy Yates


Susan Lynn Zorb