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organizational citizenship behaviors, patient-oriented perception, satisfaction



  1. Chang, Ching Sheng
  2. Chen, Su-Yueh
  3. Lan, Yi Ting


Background: Because nurses deliver care to patients on behalf of hospitals, hospitals have to enhance first-line nurses' patient-oriented perception and spontaneous organizational citizenship behaviors for the sake of higher patient satisfaction and better patient care.


Objectives: The purpose of this study was to investigate how patient-oriented perception among nurses could affect their organizational citizenship behaviors and job satisfaction.


Methods: SPSS 12.0 and Amos 7.0 (structural equation modeling) statistical software packages were used for data analysis and processing. Of the 500 questionnaires distributed, 232 valid ones were collected, with a valid response rate of 46.4%.


Results: Nurses' patient-oriented perception has a positive influence on organizational citizenship behaviors ([gamma]11 = .795, p < .05), and their organizational citizenship behaviors ([beta]21 = .681, p < .05) have a positive influence on job satisfaction.


Discussion: Nurses' patient-oriented perception has the most positive influence on interpersonal altruistic behavior but the least positive influence on organizational public welfare behavior.