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Do you have any simple recipes that patients at home can use to increase protein and calories?


* Chocolate Cocoa Drink


(600 calories and 24 g protein per serving)


11/4 cup ice cream


1/2 cup whole milk


1 package hot chocolate mix


2 tsp sugar


* Yogurt Frost


(400 calories and 19 g protein per serving)


1 envelope vanilla instant breakfast mix


1 cup whole milk


1/2 cup flavored yogurt


6 to 10 crushed ice cubes



Vary the flavor of ice cream or yogurt to expand the options. Make fortified milk by mixing 1 quart whole milk plus 1 cup nonfat dry milk-it contains 211 calories and 14 g protein per 1 cup. This will boost the nutritional levels even more. (Recipes are courtesy of Linda S. Eck Mills, MBA, RD, LDN.)


Nancy Collins, PhD, RD, LD/N, FAPWCA


President/Executive Director, Inc