1. MacIsaac, Laura
  2. Harrison, Margaret B.
  3. Buchanan, Diane
  4. Hopman, Wilma M.


ABSTRACT: This mixed-methods study explored the use of the Supportive Care Needs Framework (M. Fitch, 1998; M. Fitch, H. B. Porter, & B. D. Page, 2008) as an overall guide to identify the wide spectrum of needs of the family caregivers of patients with stroke. Within this framework, a needs assessment survey developed for a different complex medical population was modified and administered to 10 caregivers of patients recently diagnosed with stroke to identify the specific needs of this population. The applicability of the tool was further evaluated through a focus group of nurses working in acute stroke care. The Supportive Care Needs Framework provides a useful and comprehensive framework for the assessment of caregiver need. Results suggest that although additional validation is needed, the modified survey may aid nurses in early identification of caregiver needs.