1. Colantonio, Angela
  2. Harris, Jocelyn E.
  3. Tarek, Nisanne


ABSTRACT: Research with respect to traumatic brain injury (TBI) has identified differential health outcomes by gender. However, despite this, a lack of research exists regarding the impact of TBI on specific health-related issues for women. This study investigated rater agreement of a health questionnaire developed to identify health concerns among women with TBI. Thirteen women with moderate to severe brain injury completed the questionnaire twice (1 week apart) and provided feedback regarding content and ease of use. The questionnaire measures areas of menses, conception, menopause, thyroid function, and change in participation in activities after brain injury. Kappa coefficients and percentage agreement were generated to determine levels of agreement of participant responses between the two sessions. Kappa coefficients ranged from .21 to 1.00, with the highest agreement for items requiring concrete responses (e.g., yes/no) and the lowest with items requiring more subjective answers. Percentage agreement ranged from 58% to 100%. Participants rated the utility of the questionnaire as high (73%-100%). This questionnaire proved to be a reliable and useful method to gather information regarding health in women with TBI. By identifying health issues early, diagnostic and treatment intervention may be delivered in a timelier and effective manner. Further psychometric testing is required to ensure the validity of responses.