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  1. Hansen, Dianne MHA, MT(ASCP), COS-C
  2. Golbeck, Amanda L. PHD, KIM LEE, MSN, RN-BC
  3. Noblitt, Valerie RN-BC
  4. Pinsonneault, Julie RN, BSN
  5. Christner, Janie RN, BSN


The purpose of this quantitative study was to examine costs and implementation factors associated with development of telemonitoring programs in eight rural home health agencies. although the telemonitoring group (n = 1,513) averaged fewer visits per episode than the control group (n = 1,573), cost analysis data, including labor, travel, and equipment costs, failed to support the hypothesis that decreased utilization of skilled nursing visits alone could offset the costs of the telemonitoring technology. this study indicates that agencies must achieve savings through improved outcome performance to offset telemonitoring expenses.