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I can't tell you how much the May Editorial, "For Nurses Week, a Call for Mutual Respect," hit home. I'm a dental assistant who has worked in a teaching hospital for almost 10 years. I'm also a nursing student and hope to continue working at this hospital when I graduate.


In the last year, I've told my supervisors of my concerns about the way instruments are being sterilized and disinfected; my coworkers aren't adhering to infection control standards. These concerns are valid and important to patient safety, yet I've been bullied by coworkers, clinicians, and administrators because I've spoken up. Mail that was sent to me at work has been returned to sender, I've been paged erroneously while on break, and my locker has been defaced.


Bullying is a very real problem that shouldn't be brushed under the carpet. Greater education and zero tolerance for this behavior is essential.