1. Ahmed, Mahamud MS, CHES

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The dedication of this second Special Issue of the Journal of Ambulatory Care Management (JACM) on community health workers (CHWs) is a testimony to and in appreciation of the role of CHWs in improving the health of communities they serve.


The "CHWs Voices" section of JACM solely dedicated to giving voice to CHWs directly is a unique approach that integrates and reflects the real-life experiences of CHWs. In this section, CHW experiences from Ethiopia and New York along with an interview with CHW national leader Lisa Renee Holderby Fox are presented.


As a former CHW it is with great pride and pleasure that I have served as a coordinator of the "Community Health Worker Voices" articles. I am humbled by the motivation and enthusiasm of CHWs to improve the health of their communities and families as well as their willingness and excitement about sharing their experiences and their insights. I am grateful to those who responded to our invitation to submit their contributions making this second CHWs Voices section possible. I also once again thank reviewers of this section, Gail Hirsch and Luci Leonard, for their valuable comments and suggestions, and I acknowledge E. Lee Rosenthal, CHW guest issue coeditor, for her leadership and support of this effort.


-Mahamud Ahmed, MS, CHES


CHW Voices Editor


Student, Interdisciplinary Health Sciences


Doctoral Program,


University of Texas, El Paso