1. Briggs, Elaine D. MSN, APRN, CEN, FNP


Early diagnosis of an adverse cutaneous drug reaction (ACDR) is the key to preventing a more severe and life-threatening drug reaction. ACDRs can range from mild rashes to life-threatening events. ACDRs are classified as immunologic and nonimmunologic etiologies. Drug hypersensitivity is an immune mediated response. True hypersensitivity adverse drug reactions mimic many disease states and can involve any organ system (S. Nayak, 2008). A thorough history is critical when the patient presents with systemic symptoms in addition to a dermatological response that does not display common distributions and lesions. Medications previously prescribed and taken by patients may produce a delayed immune mediated response that can result in multiorgan syndrome, Stevens-Johnson syndrome, or toxic epidermal necrolysis.