1. Norris, Tommie L. DNS, RN
  2. Webb, Sherry S. DNSc, CNL, NEA-BC
  3. McKeon, Leslie M. PhD, CNL, NEA-BC
  4. Jacob, Susan R. PhD, RN
  5. Herrin-Griffith, Donna MSN, RN, NEA-BC, CENP, FACHE


Development of a portfolio is an effective strategy used by clinical nurse leaders (CNLs) to inform prospective employers of their specialized skills in quality improvement, patient safety, error prevention, and teamwork. The portfolio provides evidence of competence relative to the role of clinician, outcomes manager, client advocate, educator, information manager, systems analyst/risk anticipator, team manager, healthcare professional, and lifelong learner. This article describes the CNL portfolio developed by experts from the University of Tennessee Health Science Center and Methodist LeBonheur Healthcare. Examples of portfolio documents generated throughout the master's entry CNL curriculum are provided, along with student experiences using the portfolio in the employment interview process.