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Hello again! A number of years ago, I was working in the community and caring for persons living at home. At the same time I was caring for an elderly mother, living at home, who suffered with a failing memory and an early bout of paranoia, which I did not understand. Then, the emerging specialty of home care nurse was just developing and no one knew quite what to call us.

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Now, years later, I am pleased and thankful to be able to say that I took the wise pathway of learning how to work with homebound elders. (Please note that as I write this message, I am hearing a message on the TV about the "growing need for persons who will work with the elderly!")


The field of home care has become quite complex. Changes in the law, society, and the economy have all brought great challenges for families and community health and home care providers as they try to find ways to deliver effective, compassionate, and affordable services to the most rapidly growing segment of our population. Now more than ever, there is an enormous need for a knowledgeable, professional workforce, at both the gerneralist and specialist levels, in order to provide these required services.


On this occasion of the 30th anniversary of Home Healthcare Nurse, I would like to take the opportunity to repeat and reiterate "The Caregiver's Mission Statement," which I authored many years ago and believes it is still relevant today.


The Caregiver's Mission Statement

I am a Caregiver!


"I am dedicated to handling you with care. With each meal that I prepare for you to help you eat, I am providing nourishment for your body. When I hold your hand to help you walk, I have the privilege of touching one of God's masterpieces. With every prayer for you and loving thought of you, I am providing nourishment for your soul.


Although I am your caregiver, I am even more. I am a friend and companion-a confidante. I am family, for we share kinship as members of the family of God. With each piece of information I share, I pledge my utmost to help you understand the road that leads to wellness."