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global health, diabetic foot ulcers, wound care, World Health Organization, wound care guidelines



  1. Sibbald, R. Gary BSc, MD, MEd, FRCPC(Med Derm), MACP, FAAD, MAPWCA
  2. Ayello, Elizabeth A. PhD, RN, ACNS-BC, CWON, MAPWCA, FAAN
  3. Smart, Hiske MA, RN, PG Dip(UK), IIWCC (Toronto)
  4. Goodman, Laurie MHScN, BA, RN, IIWCC (Toronto)
  5. Ostrow, Brian MD, FRCSC, IIWCC (Toronto)


ABSTRACT: Chronic wounds, particularly foot ulcers in persons with diabetes, have become a global pandemic in the developing and developed world. The authors propose a longitudinal interactive education program (knowledge, skills, and attitudes) linked to interprofessional centers of excellence to reduce the incidence of foot ulcers and unnecessary lower-limb amputations. This model is generalizable to other skin and wound conditions.