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In "Speaking Out on Social Justice" (Viewpoint, August 2011), Karen Roush points to the important role of professional nurses in advocating social justice. I agree that nursing is political. As an RN working in the community, I care for many patients who are part of underserved populations. We have a responsibility to detect and act upon social injustices and must be aware of prevalent social problems in our communities.


"The concept of health disparities is a form of systematic injustice and inequality in healthcare," write Gail A. Harkness and Rosanna F. DeMarco in their recently published book, Community and Public Health Nursing.1 In this long journey to "health care for all," I plan to be prepared to guide, advocate, and fight for those in need. It's my responsibility as a nurse.


Carolina Lopes, RN



Hyannis, MA




1. Harkness GA, DeMarco RF Community and public health nursing: evidence for practice. 2012 Philadelphia Wolters Kluwer Health/Lippincott Williams and Wilkins:336 [Context Link]