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  1. Berger, Jill T. MBA, RN, NE-BC
  2. Conway, Sharon MSN, RN
  3. Beaton, Karen J. JD, RN


A large healthcare system was challenged to develop a nursing professional practice model that would apply to and be understood by nurses at all levels and across all entities of the organization. A team was convened, composed of direct care nurses, educators, clinical nurse specialists, Magnet(R) program directors, managers, and directors, representing 5 hospitals, the organization institute for nursing, and system support services. The group drafted a model describing nursing across the organization. The draft model was vetted in nursing governance councils across the entity. The model includes a theoretical framework; a mission, vision, and values; elements of professional practice; internal accountabilities; and nursing outcomes. Nurses learned about the model through Web-based and face-to-face training, through participation in a professional practice model blog and group discussions.