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  1. Kowinsky, Amy M. RD, LDN
  2. Shovel, Judith MSN, RN
  3. McLaughlin, Maribeth MPM, BSN
  4. Vertacnik, Lisa MSN, RN
  5. Greenhouse, Pamela K. MBA
  6. Martin, Susan Christie MSN, RN
  7. Minnier, Tamra E. MSN, RN, FACHE


Predictable and unpredictable patient care tasks compete for caregiver time and attention, making it difficult for patient care staff to reliably and consistently meet patient needs. We have piloted a redesigned care model that separates the work of patient care technicians based on task predictability and creates role specificity. This care model shows promise in improving the ability of staff to reliably complete tasks in a more consistent and timely manner.