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  1. Hueckel, Remi M. DNP, RN, AC-PNP
  2. Mericle, Jane M. MHS-CL, RN
  3. Frush, Karen BSN, MD
  4. Martin, Paul L. PhD, MD
  5. Champagne, Mary T. PhD, RN, FAAN


Partnering with families to deliver safe care includes teaching how to activate the rapid response team (RRT) if their hospitalized child's condition worsens. Condition Help (Condition H) is how families call the RRT. Pediatric nurses used scripted Condition H teaching and follow-up surveys to evaluate family understanding about Condition H. Although there were only 2 Condition H calls during the study period, 53% to 90% of families received Condition H teaching, and family understanding was greater than 75%.