1. da Silva, Silvia Lanziotti Azevedo MSc
  2. Viana, Joana Ude MSc
  3. Da Silva, Vanessa Gomes PT
  4. Dias, Joao Marcos Domingues PhD
  5. Pereira, Leani Sousa Maximo PhD
  6. Dias, Rosangela Correa PhD


Objectives: To determine whether there are differences in functionality and gait between fallers and nonfallers in frailty groups.


Methods: A cross-sectional study involving 125 community-dwelling elderly individuals. Frailty, falls, functional capacity, and gait were assessed.


Results: Functional capacity and spatial-temporal variables of gait differed significantly between the groups with different degrees of frailty (P < .05). Significant differences were found in Dynamic Gait Index scores between the groups divided by degree of frailty and falls (P < .05).


Discussion: Falls did not lead to injury in the majority of elderly individuals in the study and therefore did not aggravate the adverse consequences of frailty.