1. Curtis, Ingrid BSN, RN

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As an RN and graduate student, it was enlightening to read "Nurses on Boards" (Professional Development, March). I was shocked, to say the least, to learn that "nurses were not viewed as leaders in the development of health care systems and delivery" and that only 6% of hospital board members are RNs.


Nurses are the backbone of the hospital, and have the knowledge and skill set necessary to make sound and effective decisions regarding patient care. They have the ability to create structure and implement organizational change through strategic vision, risk taking, and effective communication, and therefore should be included in the decision-making processes that affect health care delivery.


I've been inspired by this article to begin actively pursuing a hospital board position. It's a nurse's duty to make a difference in the health care delivery process, starting in the boardroom.


Thank you for the enlightenment and inspiration.


Ingrid Curtis, BSN, RN



San Antonio, TX