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Brush up on anatomy and physiology by visiting these websites.


National Cancer Institute


Offering web-based training modules, this website supports cancer registration and surveillance. These modules provide information for cancer registry staff and others interested in "collecting and recording the most complete and accurate cancer data possible." Freely available to anyone, these modules offer specific areas of study, including anatomy and physiology. Various sections provide detailed descriptions and images of the human body. A review and quiz follow each section.


Inner Body


Inner Body is another interactive website that allows the user to click through different parts of the human body. It includes animations and tutorials and a detailed index of all descriptions discussed on the site.


Anatomy of the Human Body


This online edition of Henry Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body features 1,247 comprehensive engravings from the classic 1918 publication. Learn about the human body while you take in a piece of art history.


Anatomy Models


On this site, organized by Mesa College in San Diego, Calif., you'll find photos of anatomic models, with or without labels, organized by body system.


Lumen Cross-Section Tutorial


Use this website, sponsored by the Loyola University Medical Education Network, to view photographic cross sections, magnetic resonance images, and computed tomography scans. Currently, six regions of the body are available for click-through.