Article Content

In the article on page 108 of the March/April issue, the title should have appeared as "A Core Curriculum for Dermatology Nurse Practitioners: Using Delphi Technique."


The first sentence of the abstract should have read: "The increasing presence of nurse practitioners (NPs) in dermatology has been attributed to an increased demand for care and changes in the workforce."


"Nurse Practitioners" should have been one of the keywords.


The first sentence of the article should have read: "As the landscape of healthcare and the dermatology workforce has changed, dermatology nurse practitioners (NPs) have become an integral part of dermatological care."


The footnotes of Table 3C and 4 on page 117 and of Table 6 on page 119 all contain nurse practitioner with an incorrect hyphen. The corrected tables are included in this erratum.




Bobonich M. A., Cooper K. D. (2012). A Core Curriculum for Dermatology Nurse-Practitioners: Using Delphi Technique. Journal of the Dermatology Nurses' Association, 4 (2), 108-120.