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The Urologic Diseases in America report, developed by UCLA and Rand Health with funding support from the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, has been revised and re-released. The 500-page report comprehensively charts the demographic and economic impact of urologic diseases in the U.S. and details the most up-to-date costs associated with urologic conditions such as prostate cancer, urinary tract infections, and kidney stones, and includes more pediatric conditions than the original 2007 report.


"We address issues related to costs of care, technology trends, access to care, and disease burden in this report and its ancillary studies," the report's co-editor, Christopher Saigal, MD, Associate Professor and Director of Health Services Research in the UCLA Department of Urology, said in an email interview. "The document can be used by researchers, legislators, policy makers, patients, and physicians in learning more about the diseases and in targeting policy and health care interventions aimed at alleviating the burden of urologic illness."

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Key updates include information about new technology trends and changes in disease prevalence, as well as current and retrospective data on the epidemiology, practice patterns, costs, and impact of urologic diseases in the United States, incorporating private payer data to reflect private sector use of urology care. "Policymakers need the latest data to keep on top of trends," he said.


The report is available online as a pdf document on the UDA Project website (; and print copies can also be ordered: