1. Puetz, Belinda E. PhD, RN

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It's primary time across the nation; everywhere, voters are going to the polls after months of campaigning-some positive, some negative, and some in between. Regardless of your party affiliation, it's important to vote.


We're still in the throes of the presidential campaign. That election won't be decided until after you've received this issue of the journal. Many of us are already tired of the endless TV ads and other propaganda we receive daily.


I'm among those individuals who wish the campaign season were much shorter, who would prefer that the money spent on campaigns was devoted to feeding the homeless or children, for example, and who will wait anxiously for the polls to close and the TV newscasters and pundits to report the results of the election. And I'll sigh with relief if my choice wins and feel disappointed if he does not.


So, what does this have to do with JNSD? Well, we are in the throes of an election in NNSDO. A number of candidates have been slated for Board of Director and Nominating Committee positions; among them is the most significant office, that of President-Elect. The individual who is elected to the position of President-Elect will lead the organization after a year of mentoring in service on the Board of Directors.


Many individuals who don't vote do not believe that their one vote can make a difference, and given the huge numbers of U.S. citizens involved in presidential elections, that's likely a common notion. NNSDO members, however, can be assured that their one vote does make a difference. The members of NNSDO are directly responsible for determining the leadership of their organization and its direction under those individuals' guidance throughout their tenure in office.


By the time you read this, however, the NNSDO election will have been concluded. I hope you voted and had a say in who will govern the organization for the next few years. The nursing professional development specialty needs competent, engaged, passionate leaders-and you, the readers of JNSD and members of NNSDO, can make that happen.


And even if you didn't vote in the NNSDO election, please do vote in the November election-our country is depending on you to have your say.