change implementation, electronic applications, health care staff, organizational change



  1. Marchesoni, Maria Andersson RN
  2. Lindberg, Inger PhD, RNM
  3. Axelsson, Karin DrMedSc, RNT


This study was undertaken to describe staff expectations prior to implementation of new electronic applications in a changing organization. Changes are a part of human existence; changes based on implementation of technology and information and communication technology are taking place in the health care sector globally. The Swedish public health care and social care sector is taking a similar path. A qualitative approach with group interviews of 23 staff divided in 5 groups was performed. Latent content analysis was used to analyze the transcribed interviews. The theme, taking standpoint today in relation to the past, emerged from 3 areas of discussion: "distance holding," "ruled by the organization," and "health care development in the future." New restraints on staff affect the caregiving process. Managers should consider whether a particular change is revolutionary or evolutionary and act in the change process according to the possible psychological impact of the change.