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Members of the Society of Nuclear Medicine voted at the Annual Meeting in June to change the group's name officially to the "Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging." More than two-thirds of the members voted in favor of the change.

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"Over the past five years, SNM has made a concerted effort to embrace other modalities that, like nuclear medicine, utilize the tracer principle," SNM Immediate Past President George Segall, MD, said in a statement. "The name 'Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging' retains our rich history and identity while recognizing the growing diversity in our field. Retaining 'nuclear medicine' as part of the society's name also recognizes the therapeutic, medicinal aspects of nuclear medicine."


The name change process started in January when the society's House of Delegates passed an amendment to the bylaws to change the name, for which the final step was the vote that took place at the June meeting. Before passing the amendment, members could provide feedback either in support of or opposition to the change.