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OT was recognized with three APEX Awards for Publication Excellence in the latest competition:

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* George W. Sledge, Jr., MD, won in the writing category of "Regular Departments & Columns" for his "Musings of a Cancer Doctor" column/blog (, which we have published since June 2011.


* Lola Butcher won in the electronic media category of Blogs for her "Practice Matters" blog (, which we have published since September 2010.


* And OT Online ( won in the category of Websites.



APEX notes that approximately 3,400 entries were submitted this year, its 24th Annual Competition for Communications Professionals, with publication awards given in various categories based on excellence in editorial content, graphic design, and the ability to achieve overall communications excellence.

George W. Sledge, JR... - Click to enlarge in new windowGeorge W. Sledge, JR., MD
Lola Butcher... - Click to enlarge in new windowLola Butcher