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  1. Joseph, Bellal MD
  2. Hadeed, George MPH
  3. Sadoun, Moutamn MD
  4. Rhee, Peter M. MD, MPH
  5. Weinstein, Ronald S. MD, FCAP, FATA


The saying goes that a picture is worth a thousand words, but what then is the value of video? For the care of trauma and emergency surgical patients, the use of video consultation between medical providers may be worth its weight in gold. Telemedicine has become an important tool in reducing the disparity among the haves and the have not's, in this case facilities with a trauma service and those without. This article presents the use of live video for trauma consultations between the only level 1 trauma center in Southern Arizona and several smaller rural hospitals. We also expand on what we believe the future and direction of telesurgery in the fields of critical care and trauma surgery.