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An updated edition-the third-of Childhood Cancer Survivors: A Practical Guide for Your Future by Nancy Keene, Wendy Hobbie, and Kathy Ruccione has now been published.

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The new edition of the book, first published in 2000 and chosen a Best Consumer Health Book by Library Journal and then revised in 2007, includes updated information about:


* Medical late effects from treatment.


* Emotional aspects of surviving cancer.


* Schedules for follow-up care.


* Challenges in the health care system.


* Lifestyle choices to maximize health.


* Discrimination in employment or insurance.



Also included are personal stories from more than 100 survivors and parents and a Foreword by Giulio D'Angelo, MD, congratulating the authors for writing a "uniquely comprehensive review of the late effects problem while providing a manual of how to look after the long-term survivor."


The 480-page large-size paperback book (ISBN-10 #145711867X) also includes a pullout "Taking Care of Yourself for Life" Cancer Survivor's Treatment Record.