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Fall always brings thoughts of going back to school and preparing for the holidays, but I would like to take this opportunity to reflect on the activities of the STN this past spring. As members, you all are aware of our annual conference. This year, the Society of Trauma Nurses Annual Conference took place in Savannah, Georgia, a beautiful southern coastal community with a rich history of our forefathers and the evolution of our country. We had a record number of more than 500 conference registrants. Nearly every state in the United States was represented, including Hawaii. International attendee numbers were also up. Way to go members! We look forward to breaking more attendance records in Las Vegas, in 2013. The conference also had a record number of exhibitors and abstracts submitted for consideration as well this year. Overall, based on the initial evaluation of the conference satisfaction surveys, the conference was another huge success and I would like to recognize the Annual Conference Planning Committee for their efforts, Mary Jo Pedicino and Madonna Walters, Chair and Co-Chair, respectively. Other members include Elizabeth Akins, Holly Blair, Rita Cox, Sue Cox, Marie Dieter, Tom Ellison, Regina Medeiros, Lou Ann Miller, Betsy, Seislove, and your faithful secretary, me. We had a blast planning it, and we look forward to next year. If you are interested in being a part of the annual planning committee next year, please contact the STN support staff, via the STN Web site.


This year, our presidential duties also changed hands. Congratulations to Melissa Harte, MS, RN, Director of Trauma Program and Child Protection Team at Phoenix Children's Hospital, Phoenix, Arizona. Melissa is a leader in the trauma arena and has had a long association with the STN. Please join me in welcoming her in her new role, and read her initial President's Message in this same journal. Melissa mentioned several initiatives and accomplishments in her presidential address, but I want to highlight a few for our journal readers who were unable to hear her presentation.


Other interesting topics from the annual conference and highlights: care of the mangled extremity, the participants loved the topic, the new strategies our military counterparts and how the civilian world is incorporating in our trauma centers around the country. This is an example of how the tragedies of war that can affect the way we provide trauma care in our centers. The attendees loved the topic and the speakers involved. Another highly attended session was "The New Green Book"... biggest question, what color will be? (Maybe orange, we hear). The session was a lesson in "No News Is Good News." There are changes coming, and they reflect much of what is happening across the country with PI initiatives. We hopefully will have some solid Intel on this topic soon. Dr Michael Rotondo, the Chair of the American College of Surgeons, Chair of the Verification Review Committee, was the keynote speaker and very enjoyable.


Coming this fall: Leadership Institute: Call for Volunteers--learn more about this exciting opportunity on the STN Web site, Hartford Guidelines: Taking care of older adult patient who is taking anti-coagulants and sustains TBI. This is a hot new topic in trauma care, and a growing population that we care for in the trauma arena. Other upcoming opportunities: Research Grant Competition-check the Web site for more information, Trauma Outcomes and Performance Improvement Course is expanding and under revision, we will keep you all posted on the changes, and the e-Library should be available by third quarter 2012!!


Happy back to school days to you all.


REMEMBER TO VISIT THE STN WEB SITE: and mark your calendars for the 16th Annual STN conference in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada, for 2013. The Society of Trauma Nurses Annual Conference returns to its roots for the first time in several years. Las Vegas is the home of my trauma center, so I hope to see you all here in 2013 for a wonderful opportunity to learn, network, and spend some time shopping and site seeing, and if you are feeling lucky; place a bet or 2! We look forward to seeing you all in 2013.