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MiMedx Group, Inc, Kennesaw, Georgia, has closed a clinical trial of its EpiFix dehydrated human amniotic membrane allograft for the treatment of diabetic neurovascular foot ulcers. This prospective trial design initially targeted 80 patients. Those who were selected for the randomized controlled trial were treated with a well-accepted standard-of-care program for diabetic foot ulcers or standard of care plus an application of EpiFix, a MiMedx allograft processed from human amniotic membrane. Results indicated a statistically significant improvement in the healing of wounds treated with EpiFix compared with patients receiving the standard of care treatment alone. Investigators reported that results indicated a significant healing rate, with 92% of the patients in the EpiFix study arm healed completely at 6 weeks, contrasted with only 8% of the standard-of-care control arm patients healed in the same time frame.


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