wound imaging, wound measurement, interrater reliability and intrarater reliability



  1. Miller, Charne GDip(SocStat)
  2. Karimi, Leila PhD
  3. Donohue, Lisa PhD
  4. Kapp, Suzanne MNSci


OBJECTIVE: The objective of this study was to investigate the interrater and intrarater reliability of a wound imaging and measurement system called SilhouetteMobile.


DESIGN: Interrater and intrarater reliability study.


SETTING: Community nursing, Victoria, Australia.


PARTICIPANTS: Seven community nurses including Wound Management Clinical Nurse Consultants and Wound Resource Nurses.


MAIN OUTCOME MEASURE: Average wound surface area of 14 wound images as captured using a wound imaging and measurement system called SilhouetteMobile.


MAIN RESULTS: High interrater and intrarater reliability were maintained across different users and different assessments by the same user and were also found to be unaffected by image quality. Reliability was poor when tracing small wounds.


CONCLUSION: Silhouette is a highly reliable tool for wound imaging and measurement, although reliability is reduced when annotating small wound areas.