electrical stimulation and wound healing, microcurrent stimulation, diabetic ulcer, acute and chronic wounds



  1. Ramadhinara, Adisaputra MD
  2. Poulas, Konstantinos PhD


ABSTRACT: Wireless microcurrent stimulation (WMCS) is a new method in wound healing that may have advantages compared with conventional electrical stimulation (ES) devices. Although ES has been widely known as an effective method to promote the wound-healing process in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus, to the authors' knowledge, there are still no data about the ability of WMCS to match the desired effect. In this article, the authors report the results of 2 cases of diabetes-related wounds (1 acute and 1 chronic) that have been treated successfully using WMCS. Neither patient reported discomfort during treatment, and the risk of infection was minimized because there was no direct contact from the device during the treatment course.