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  1. Porter, Eileen J. PhD, RN, FGSA
  2. Oyesanya, Tolu O. MS, RN
  3. Johnson, Kathy A. MSN, RN


We interact with Dorcy's earlier work in Advances in Nursing Science on hope, noting that scholars have emphasized hope in suffering rather than exploring hoping in everyday life. We did a secondary analysis of 4 descriptive phenomenological studies with older women (N = 81, aged 75-98). Findings included a 4-level taxonomy of life-world. Four future-related subelements (such as, having a future I cannot see, down the road) intersected with the element hoping to see the future I prefer. Five of its subelements were common across the sample, including hoping that I do not get to that point. Findings have implications for expanding scholarship pertaining to hoping.