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  1. Hartung, Sheila Q. PhD, RN
  2. Miller, Mindi PhD, RN, CRRN


OBJECTIVE: A qualitative design was used to decipher the viewpoints of nurse managers about communication trends associated with their leadership roles and unit subcultures.


BACKGROUND: Disruptive behaviors such as poor communication and inadequate teamwork have been associated with patient harm and deficient workplace cultures. However, few studies have focused on nurse managers' perceptions of communication and a healthy workplace.


METHODS: A descriptive qualitative study was conducted using 12 in-depth interviews of 6 nurse managers to better understand communication patterns of managers. Analysis identified 5 themes and 13 subthemes.


RESULTS: Workplace processes were identified that either promoted or hindered managers' abilities to set a positive tone and to stay connected to their staff, ensuring effective communication while meeting multiple unit and institutional challenges.


CONCLUSIONS: Findings can be used to strengthen communication practices, obviate communication disconnects, and ensure a healthy workplace.